A0169: What is Olympus?

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Olympus is not a place like a place on earth, but a place on a spiritual plane, where powerful beings reside. These beings are very old and many of them are looking for playgrounds in strange worlds to do something. Olympus is governed hierarchically, we mean, like in every organization or faction, there is a hierarchy that is led by a few and many follow the orders of the higher-level beings. They are not human, but always adapt their appearance to the conditions on a planet. A lot of what they do supports the beings on the planet, but when they’re bored, they make something happen for their entertainment. They delight in how the beings follow their prescribed actions and we also think that most of these beings do not care about the beings of the planet. If the “game” does not go as they expect, then they also cause disaster and also turn away from the planet to find a new playground. Many of these beings are not bad, but they only support low-frequency beings if they can benefit from them in the form of entertainment. We do not support such actions, but Olympian beings also do nothing that they are not allowed to do, so that the spiritual world allows them to do so. They are present on many worlds and they do the same everywhere, so that they will simply leave these worlds later and will no longer take care of these beings. They are powerful and very proud of what they do, but they do not care about the beings they worship as gods and this behavior is reprehensible to us.

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