A0166: What are dreams? – Part 4

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When someone dreams, the masters have everything under control, but so-called accidents also happen and the dreamer gets lost in a dream or the dreamer takes off and has to be brought back on stage by the master and teacher. Many of the so-called accidents happen, but nothing bad has ever happened. Some dreamers are confused when the dream has a twist that may seem illogical or the dreamer is suddenly in a different place. Many of these accidents are not significant, but it can happen that a dreamer experiences something disturbing due to an accident that does not let go of the dreamer even when awake. This can happen quite quickly if dreamers have never dealt with dreams. Then it is time for the masters to quickly invent themselves so that the damage can be minimized. When the dreamer thinks about this accident, the masters have already understood whether they need to defuse the dream they have experienced. By this we mean that the person must be made to understand the dream as a dream and not as a kind of reality. This requires countless “stages” to make it clear to the dreamer that a dream is not reality and should not be interpreted as much into the disturbing dream. This is where the master begins to defuse the dream and thus the instructions from the parts before it no longer apply. The master does everything he can to defuse the disturbing dream by explaining the disturbing experiences in the next “performances” and thus letting the dreamer understand that what he has experienced is not as disturbing as previously assumed. Therefore, if something goes wrong in a performance, the follow-up dreams can be very confused because the master tries to defuse the dream before. If you keep dreaming strange things at short intervals, then you most likely had a disturbing dream before, which should now be corrected by the masters.

If a dreamer wants to explore his surroundings beyond the “stage” without it having been previously planned by the masters, then “gentlemen” can appear who are only trying to limit the play radius to the stage size again. Many of your experiences with the black-clad gentlemen were not real and we think most of the beings were your masters who wanted to bring you back on stage. The stage can be quite large, but it always has a predefined size and complexity that is created before the dreamer appears. If the dreamer wants to play beyond the boundaries of the stage, he could dive into the general astral plane and try to continue the stage performance there. This could lead to confusion among the beings there, which the masters do not want either. Therefore, they always try not to leave the stage with the dreamer. In the next part we will address further examples and hope to provide a broader understanding of the dream interpretation for those interested.

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