A0156: What happens if a person dies outside of the earth?

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Those who live outside the earth are no longer connected to the so-called matrix of the earth. If the person died outside the earth, the incarnation will go through a “light tunnel” as before and wake up in its incarnation cube. During the time outside of Earth we cannot give the person support so that they are on their own. We do not think that the masters and teachers are no longer with the person, but the so-called matrix around the earth provides us with the ability to support the person. If she lives outside of this matrix, we can only watch. This so-called matrix was specially created so that you can lead people the life you wanted before incarnating. It is essential that people are guided and supported on their way. If it were not so, you would not incarnate as a person if you cannot be sure that this life does not contain a pre-defined life plan. If you incarnated without the help of the Master and Teacher, then hardly anyone would even begin to live a life as was desired. Those who are traveling outside the earth have certainly experienced more than they had planned and we do not want to hide the fact that the people outside the earth cannot accumulate karma for the soul. The karma is no longer of interest anyway, because each person usually incarnates only once on earth and the accumulated karma can at best be reduced by the next incarnation. You who are reading these lines now will never incarnate on Earth again. You only have this one possibility to experience life as a human being on earth. If you step out of the incarnation cube after death, you will deal with something else again, hopefully you will then have enjoyed your time on earth, nowhere can you experience something like this again.

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