A0155: What are dreams? – Part 2

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When dreaming, the masters and teachers go all out to use the “dream” to represent the information they would like to pass on to their protégé as faithfully as possible. When a master decides to participate in a dream, it is always about placing the information precisely. Everyone has dreamed of situations that made you think. If something like this happens you can always assume that a master was directly involved and we think we have to say that if something like this happens the information has to be very important. When you wake up and know that you have dreamed of something significant that will not let you go, one of the characters in the dream was one of your masters. Why do we put so much emphasis now that you experience it? If you can remember the characters and a character keeps coming back in different dreams, you know that character is a master no matter what the appearance ultimately looks like. If the character is a “normal” person, the master wants the person to assess the situation exactly. If the character is an animal or unidentifiable being, the person should deal with the fear of this recurring character. It always depends on what the person is working on, by that we mean what the person is trying to displace or what they are working on to get their life under control.

The writer once thought he could never commit a crime out of conviction and has persuaded himself that he cannot understand how others can do such a cruel thing. That same night we prepared him a “stage” in which he successfully defeated and executed another opponent in an arena. At that moment, he was absolutely convinced that he had done the right thing. The crowd cheered him and we made him wake up when he walked out of the arena. He fully witnessed the transition to his normal state of consciousness and also saw his conviction of doing the right thing change to horror in a matter of seconds because he understood that everything is possible and since then he has avoided saying “It would I never do”. There we were able to teach him what it means to live in a society where such behavior is not only tolerated but is desirable. You see, the masters and teachers have many opportunities to fill these “stages” with a drama that is supposed to help the person get ahead and change something. In the case of the writer, the experience had struck like a bomb. This is what the masters and teachers want, but both sides have to work on it. If the person has no interest in analyzing their dreams and does not want to find the hidden or obvious messages, it is a waste of energy. However, the masters and teachers are extremely patient, so they will keep trying again and again.

A suggestion for you interested. Why don’t you mentally ask your masters and teachers before going to bed if they shouldn’t show you something in the next few nights that you should work on. If you then immediately write down what you have dreamed of in the morning, you will discover connections that affect your life. Write down the dreams immediately in the morning, otherwise you will quickly forget them. You ask your masters to put everything on the “dream stage” that can bring you next. They will accept the request with thanks and hope that you will recognize their messages. Watch the morning recordings again and again, no matter how short or suspicious they may seem to you, the masters will recognize how they can better prepare their “stage” next time. Your notes and your thoughts on repeated reading give the master the next clue to help you place the dream clue better.

The writer was just thinking that it might be more effective if we could discuss the clue directly with dream consciousness. That would actually be possible, but if the person “comes up with” himself, the learning effect is far greater than if the advice is given directly. That is why the masters will never act in this way, the person should grow and it is essential that the person tackles the change with his own power of conviction. It’s always about a person’s life not going as it was planned. Nobody chooses fear, grief or emergency for their life plan, everything has to do with a change that should be addressed, so this dream advice. Pay attention and remember that everything has a reason and especially situations that are experienced in dreams. Next time we would like to tell you something about the dream tips. There are situations in which these dream hints are interpreted differently. We still say, ask your masters and teachers for these clues and you will receive them. The masters catch every second of your life and they are there to support you. Now you know how they communicate with you, so listen carefully and write down your dreams.

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