A0154: What are dreams? – Part 1

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We start by explaining how we perceive people’s dreams. Let’s take this writer again, he has had strange dreams lately as he said and we not only watched everything, but we were also actively involved. By this we mean the following: When a person “dreams”, there are always many spiritual beings involved who ensure that the person can process the everyday experiences in a way that does this for the best good of the person and for others are brought up in situations that should remind the person of something or should appear helpful to them in their further life. Most people do not know that growth will continue in dreams. Everything that is experienced in “dreams” has its meaning and purpose. Nothing happens without a reason and we also say that most teachers and masters have the opportunity to provide their protégé with care almost in this way. Few have a direct connection to the masters and teachers like this writer, but he also fought hard for it and this type of connection is not common for people on earth.

If the masters and teachers want to teach their protégé something, it usually happens through dreams, so the kind of the dream interpretation is very important for you interested. If the masters and teachers want someone to take care of their family members more, they will be shown their relatives in dreams, in situations where the person and the relatives meet. If the person does not want to respond to this subtle advice, they are shown situations where the relative needs the help of the person. Death situations are shown if the person still does not want to take the advice. If the person is very reluctant to meet the relative, the relatives’ beings are contacted in order to be able to arrange a meeting anyway. As you can see, it always starts with your dreams and then continues to draw circles. The masters and teachers do not always manage to place their advice in such a way that their protégé comes up with it and a lot of advice comes to nothing. It is important to note how important advice is, and the intensity of the actions carried out depends on it, but the dream is the best way for many, in this direction for most people.

So what happens when a person dreams? We first want to give an overview of what happens to a person when they start to fall asleep and come into the phase at which “dreams” begin. The person is tired and many hormones ensure that the person’s body adapts to a resting phase. It is not important what condition the body is in, it has a normal rhythm that it tries to adhere to, whether the person feels rested or not. The person closes their eyes, which is an immediate sign of falling asleep for the body. When the first resting phase is over, most people are already asleep. If the person has a lot of thoughts that keep them busy, the sleep phase can be delayed. It is different with people who meditate regularly, they are usually used to quickly skip this phase.

When a person falls asleep, the brain changes frequency, this fact has already been recognized by you, but actually the frequency shifts consciousness to a higher level, nothing more. It is as if a person put their body down on the ground floor and took the elevator to the next higher floor of the frequencies. On this floor, consciousness is still strongly bound to the body on the ground floor, so that consciousness still perceives the body very well. This still holds back awareness of reaching the next higher floor. Not much is possible here on the first floor because the physical body still takes up a lot of consciousness. This becomes less from floor to floor. If the person continues to sleep, they will reach the next floor, here they will enter the first levels of the spiritual world and we think that there is actually not much going on here and the masters and teachers of one person can do well from the next floor with the awareness of a person work. When the person reaches this floor, the masters and teachers have long been prepared and have created the “stage”. Consciousness is actually sluggish at this stage because the body has set it up that way. The beings then tirelessly try to get the person’s attention, that the teaching situations can be lived through and that the person can remember.

The “stages” of the respective masters are created on the spiritual level and do not collide with the “stages” of the other masters. If the situation is played through repeatedly, it settles down as snatches of memory in the person’s consciousness. Therefore you are able to experience the situation in the morning, then the situation is overlaid by short-term memory and you “forget” the situation again. It’s actually not right because everything you ever experience is stored as moments in the inner universes. We have already said that the inner universes are connected to the “general” astral plane. This also applies to the level of dreams. So these moments are contained in you as beings. If the situation is repeated, the effect is greater. If the advice is not accepted, the “stage” and the situation will be changed until it has the desired effect. The masters and teachers are also able to travel with consciousness. This can be done at all levels, including in one person’s inner universes, or if it increases the learning effect, other people’s inner universes. The impressions are then very complex and we would say that very few people would get a positive effect from it. That is why the “stages” are the first choice when it comes to advising or teaching people. Many sudden “ideas” are designed in this way. The person himself often thinks “Why didn’t I think of this beforehand”. Most of the time it took several “stages” and the masters and teachers are always very inventive. We would like to say more about the dreams next time, so this topic will have several parts that are labeled as such.

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