A0144: What can we do to get clarity and overview in our lives?

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This is achieved by the person starting to evaluate their life. This will lead the person to discover some circumstances in the persons life that need to be changed. By this we mean circumstances that harm the person in the sense of: the person is much better off without the circumstance. Here begins the moment for the person to decide how to deal with this further. The person has the opportunity to reevaluate this circumstance, if the person decides that life would be better to get rid of this circumstance if the person absolutely does so. Often people leave this aside, although it would be better to get away from it. This always has the consequence that a person suddenly has a lot of change of mind, but in the end you always do it good. Letting go is often difficult, but those who can let go are much more carefree and can concentrate on other things. We also say, practice letting go, start with small things that bother you and after a while it won’t be that difficult.

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